Error while processing Sentinel2 images

Hi, I’m a new user and I need to do a color correction on Sentinel2 Level-1C products to 2A.
When I run sen2cor tool I lose band8 and band10 in the output products but the strange thing is that these bands are in the input images 1C.
I use win10 and the latest version of SNAP. I alredy uninstalled sen2core and reinstalled it but it doesn’t work. Is there anyone who can help me?

please check these answers here:

Thanks ABraun.
I checked these answers but could not solve the problem. I tried entering resolution 10, all of them too, but the command line says “No scene classification processing for 10 m resolution in sc_only mode” and “Application terminated with at least one error.”

There is no solution to the missing bands because these are not processed at 10m.

So is there no way to get band 8 in the 2a images?

actually, band 8 should be included when you simply enter L2A_process nameofthefolder.SAFE
without specifying any resolution