Error while Snaphu Import

Hello All,
I was trying to generate Interferometric images with the help of ALOS-2 PALSAR FBD L1.1 dual polarised data.
While i was going through the tutorial as mentioned in Sentinel-1 Stripmap Interferometry
,They mentioned to do “SNAPHU IMPORT” and while doing so i was getting the error
"Error: Java Null point exception"

Even i tried the same thing in S1tbx but was getting the same error.

I would appreciate if anyone in this community could help me out as it is a part of my research work and quite urgent.


The error you have that you didn’t import the right file, which should be this one the hdr file UnwPhase_ifg_srd__***********.snaphu.hdr

Thanks a lot for your guidance and valuable information. It wouldn’t have been possible without your guidance.
It worked and i’m getting a nice Geocoded interferogram image :slight_smile:

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