Errors downloading data---S2A-MSIL1C-20160430

I am hoping sonmeone can help.I have successfully download this data,
S2A_MSIL1C_20160430T030932_N0201_R032_T50RKU_20160430T030928,from .

------The data shows 703.2MB,but I downloaded only 17.3MB.I’ve tried it many times,and the result is always the same.

Any ideas?

Something weird going on I agree.

However if you login to Google and go to this url

you see two product ids for that date:

only the first shows up on sci hub.
I haven’t looked further but it could be the second one has more data.

I can find the same 700MB+ in Creodias - see here!

Considering this is an old product that is being retrieved from the LTA, I would imagine that there is either a problem in the request or in the LTA retrieval side. You can try an alternative source like Creodias, AWS, etc (noting that the data may not be exactly the same) or you can try to obtain support from the official channels of the Copernicus Space Component.

Please note that this forum is about the Software SNAP, it is not a support channel for the generation and dissemination of the Copernicus Sentinel data, for which the above channels exists.
This doesn’t exclude that some member from the community is able to give a reply to the question.

You should also check the official newsit seems they had some downtime on 5th May.

Thanks Cristiano
that’s another great EU resource!

Thank you so much! I will try again using the method you provided.

Thank you for your help! Thanks Cristiano.I will try again with the another great EU resource.