ERS1, interferometric data (SLC)

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ERS-2, launched in April 1995, shared the same orbital plane with ERS-1 allowing for a tandem mission in 1995 and 1996, where interferometric data was collected one day (temporal baseline) apart.
I know ERS-1 had interferometric data (SLC) but I could not find, how many days is its temporal baseline?
Would you please guide me?

The temporal baseline depends on the mission-phase but for the most time it was 35 days:

Thanks but I mean for repeat-pass SAR interferometry with ERS1 and two pair. I think it should be 3 days for ERS1.
Please look at this paper, I think they got coherence and interferogram with 3 days, then it should be 3 days. Am I right?

Depends on the mission-phase, see here:

Thank you. So helpful, but how can I understand, when emission is stopped? Emissions have starting time but not ending or stopping time.

for most cases, the start of a phase is the end of the previous one.
The temporal baselines don’t always make sense against this background (phase R was from 04.04.92 to 13.04.92, the baseline of 35 days is therefore only theoretical during this period, for example)

You’ll find more information about the exact dates here:

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Thank you so much for your help.