ESA Φ-lab Post Doctoral Research Fellows (10 positions)

This is a bit off-topic but since we want to have excellent applications I’ll post this here too:

ESA has announced the opening of 10 positions for Φ-lab Post Doctoral Research Fellows in the domain of “EO exponential technologies” at ESA-ESRIN.

Applicants are encouraged to connect and work with industry for this fellowship (also for the application).

Interested candidates should apply on the ESA portal:

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I wish I was qualified for this, but I only have a MSc…

I know I am not the candidate you seek, but I had to answer since this is already somewhat off topic on the forum, I am rather interested in a phD position in remote sensing … especially in radar remote sensing… where to look? any tips and advice?

You could try getting active on LinkedIn and looking into the Remote Sensing forums over there, for example.

Dear Marcus Engdahl,

this sounds great. I already have a project idea in mind and would definitely like to apply for a position within the Φ-lab. However, I have just come across this job opportunity and I realize that the deadline is already on Friday. Since I am on a business trip for the entire week, I would like to kindly ask you whether it is possible to extend the current deadline. I won’t be able to submit a proper application including all the required documents before October 22.

Thanks in advance for considering my request and best regards from Germany,
Christian Berger

PS Feel free to contact me personally via email ( or LinkedIn (

Sorry Christian I cannot influence the deadline for the recruitment.

Hi Markus,

This call for postdoc looks really interesting. I have been trying to bring together different persons and data around a proposal. Is there the possibility for some external academics to be given an official role as co-director (or something of the sort) within the postdoc at ESA? (I was looking for a contact to ask this question to but the call only mentions a contact for disabilities).


I’m not directly involved with this recruitment but I imagine that involvement of external partners and experts is encouraged.

One of my partners in the US would like to have a more official role as external advisor or co-director if the proposal is succesful but I am not sure if that can fit in the ESA postdoc framework. Do you have an idea of who I could ask to if that is possible?

I think that having an external co-supervisor is perfectly ok. If you want to be totally sure you should ask ESA Human Resources via the provided email address.

Thanks Markus,