ESACCI sen2cor


I am trying to employ ESACCI-LC package for SC module, but I am having difficulties. I tried to follow the Sen2Cor v2.8 manual but it didn’t help me much. Could someone here who has already succeeded help me? Thank you!


Likely you will find GlobalSnowMap.tiff in Lib/python/site-packages/sen2cor/aux_data. In this folder, addd the following files from the archive, that you might have to extract from their (.tar) archives:

  • ESACCI-LC-L4-LCCS-Map-300m-P1Y-2015-v2.0.7.tif
  • ESACCI-LC-L4-WB-Map-150m-P13Y-2000-v4.0.tif
  • Snow Condition folder: ESACCI-LC-L4-Snow-Cond-500m-P13Y7D-2000-2012-v2.0, with all the Snow_Cond... tif’s.

Your next sen2cor run will no longer complain about missing files.


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