ESD issue: "Arrays must have the same length."

Hi there,

I’m facing an issue that I don’t understand… The same graph without ESD is working fine. ESD parameters are the default’s ones.

The inputs are:
from, with a Baseline search type.

Any advice is welcome!

Did you select the same number of bursts for both images? Because they are shifted by one burst along track.

Did you maybe select one burst only?

Oh maybe that! I took all bursts.
How can I solve that for automatic procedures ? I thought it would Coreg what it could.

I would have also expected that the result is the minimum intersecting area.

The snap2stamps workflow uses polygon coordinates and a subset operator to crop the data to the same number of bursts, maybe this could help you automate it:

Using the Subset between “Back-Geocoding” and “ESD” seems to work, thank you!

Another question: is that normal that S-1 Subswaths got sometime 10 bursts instead of 9’s standard ? (it’s the case here on IW1)

yes, this can vary

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