EW is useful for interferometry and making interferogram?

Dear all
EW mode does not have SLC data and it has GRD data that GRD data does not have any information about phase.
Can we get this result that EW mode is not useful for interferometry because it does not have any information about phase?

Hi Marjan,

EW mode does have SLC products available in the same way as for IW mode. So EW SLC data can be used for interferometry.


Dear Peter
Do you mean EW is interferometry as well?
I saw in ESA course, we used EW-GRD products for calculationg ice velocity, then if we want to calculate ice displacement, Should we work with EW-SLC (As for calculating displacement, we must have phase information)?
We made some colorful picture for ice velocity in ESA course in Leeds for calculating ice velocity, Can they be a kind of interferogram or not?

Extra Wide Swath Mode

The Extra Wide swath

imaging mode is intended for maritime, ice and polar zone operational
services where wide coverage and short revisit times are demanded. The
EW mode works similarly to the IW mode employing a TOPSAR technique
using five sub-swaths instead of three, resulting in a lower resolution
(20 m by 40 m). The EW mode can also be used for interferometry as with
the IW mode.