Exact time acquisition

Hello everyone
I would like to have future acquisition time of sentinel 1 and sentinel 2 satellite on as specific target (coordinates) i would like to collect data in situ at the exact time could anybody suggest an accurate method
thanks in advance

Which future? Predictions suitable for pointing a tracking antenna can be usable
a couple weeks ahead using generally available tools.

EVDC is a web based tool. As with other similar tools I have used, orbit predictions are based on “TLE” files downloaded from Space-Track. If you want to generate predictions locally, Space Track requires a login to download TLE data. TLE data is intended for use with Simplified perturbations models (Wikipedia), most commonly the SGP4 model (merged with SDP4 30 years ago) is used to generate the predictions.

The Wikipedia article has links to a number of SGP4 implementations. Over the years I have used a number of free “standalone” programs on platforms that no longer exist.
Celestrack lists many orbit predictioin programs…

You find future dates/times of planned Sentinel-1 acquisitions here: Acquisition Segments - Sentinel-1 - Sentinel Online - Sentinel Online

For Sentinel-2: Sentinel-2 Acquisition Plans - Sentinel Online - Sentinel Online

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What is your definition of exact time? If a difference of a minute / two is fine - you can just look up acquisition times of previous images over the area of interest and add multiples of 6/12 days to those - to get potential future acquisition times. Instrument should still be turned on (there is no guarantee). The link above should tell you if an acquisition is planned for that time.