examine the max., min., mean, median and standard deviation of spectral signatures in S1 products

Hi all, I am doing a project whereby I want to examine and identify the max, min., mean, median and standard deviation of spectral signatures in a pre-processed sentinel 1 (s1) SLC product, how would one approach this on SNAP?

You can create polygons for selected areas and then use the statistics tool to investigate them:


Thanks for the reply ABraun, I probably should have included my pre-processing work flow in Graph Builder. What would you recommend (linear to db, speckle filter, apply orbit file, terrain correction) ?

can’t tell without knowing your aim with the data…

I’m also wondering why you go for SLC instead of GRD products.

My goal is to map non-agricultural areas. I forgot to mention GRD and SLC. I was going to try out both of them with IW and VV VH polarizations.

GRD seems sufficient for this task. Regarding the preprocessing: Radiometric & Geometric Correction Workflow

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Thanks for you help ABraun, I have the GRD products done. After I do the pre-process workflow with the SLC products what would you recommend to do after that? Or is the product suffice for min, max, etc with just the SLC preprocessing.

Sorry, I don’t understand. Why would you use SLC data if the GRD products were already processed?

I just want to do it to see if there are differences in the backscatter signatures, so I can examine the SLC statistics with the GRD one.

then I would rather make a stack of both and calculate a difference image

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Ok yeah that makes sense stacking them together. Thanks Abraun.