Execution of Snap SliceAssembly after Merge Operator RuntimeError: Executing processing graphString index out of range: 5

I’m getting the “RuntimeError: Executing processing graphString index out of range: 5” with following setup/execution sequence.

I’m tring to create a subset overlapping 2 SAR Sentinel 1 Scenes and all 3 Subswaths in IW mode on channel VV only.

I am exectuting precreated snap graph xml files in Python.
In the TOPSAR-Split step I am using the subset coordinates as wktAoi to reduce data at an early stage and speed up the execution.

All steps run through until the Assembly Slice operator. Here I get the Runtime Error.

When loading the same snap graph xml file in Snap Gui I get the error as well.

Does anyone have a suggestion to why this occurs?

I’ve seen that sometimes this has to do with the naming of the intermediate results.

Here I made sure to keep all information of the original scene ID.