Export data to Excel from SNAP

Dear all,

I would like to export data in Excel or a text file using SNAP. My product is a .tif format. I know that I could achieve it by clicking on File- Export - CSV but it doesn’t work; probably because there is metadata associated to my product. I tried to subsent the band 1, but when I use the Raster - Subset and then the Metadata tab, I can’t unclick the metadata of this product.

I don’t know how to export the data. If you have any ideas !

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Hi dear
See this topic Export pixel values of a whole region

Hi Mohammad,

Thank you for your answer.

When I define the zone with a polygon and right click the picture I can’t extract all the pixels infos of this zone, I only can extract the pixel located under my cursor…

I also tried to use the Pixel Extractionl Tool, but in the parameters and especially coordonates I can’t define a polygon or at least ask for all the pixel infos of my product.

Thanks again !

Hi dear @lbertoncini
I will send you screenshots that how to extract pixel value with a polygon or shapefile.

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  1. at first, you should draw a polygon or import shapefile to your raster data
    (for example, I draw a polygon on LST band of SLSTR data)

  1. go to this direction: Raster>Export>Mask Pixels

  1. Select Mask: Select the geometry, if you draw a polygon or Select your imported shapefile

  1. select the header and then click Write To File, then select the path to save file

  1. open excel, Drag text file to excel, All pixel values you selected, will shown in excel



I manage to export the polygon as shapefile and to import it into other products. This allows me to activate the mask (polygon) in the mask manager but as I try to export the pixel values in the way you suggested, I get an error:

The product where I originally created the polygon is working well with exporting the pixel values as csv. What is the problem?

I don’t really know what happened but it seems to work now. Maybe I have to fully select the conc_chl band. Nevertheless, its working now :slight_smile:

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