Export pixel values of a whole region

Hey guys, excuse me for a question in SNAP-s1tbx. If I have a Sentinel-1A GRD IW data, how can I export pixel values of a specific region? For example, there is a (512 pixel * 512 pixel) region which I am interested in, but how can I export total (512 * 512) pixel values of the whole region? Thank you.

you can define it by

  • digitizing a polygon, or
  • importing the area as a WKT

and then right-click and select “extract pixels”.

Alternatively, you can specify it at more detail with the Pixel Extraction tool:

Thanks. But how can I digitize a polygon? And the workflow of this problem is? Thank you very much

Moreover, how can I delete the polygon which I mis-selected?

You can draw a polygon by using the drawing tools.

You can delete a polygon by selecting image it and pressing del.

You can also use “Extract Mask Pixels” from the context menu after drawing the region.

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Thank you Marco!

Hi, Marco. Can I set a fixed width of the polygon or square?

Such as 512 pixel * 512 pixel?

No, this is not possible.

OK, I see. Thank you very much, Marco!