Export format questions

Dear developers:

I had download the Snetinel-1 GRD products which contained the intesity vaule and amplitude value.
I need to get the sigma naught from GRD products, so I performed the Radiometric Calibration in the SENTINEL-1 TOOLBOX 1.1.1 and saved the result in Geotiff format.
However I can’t open it in ENVI 4.8 and ArcGIS 10.2. Although I finally opend it in the ENVI 5.1, the image appeared upside down.

Q1: Do the Radiometric Calibration necessary in order to get sigma naught from Snetinel-1 GRD products?
Q2: Which format should I export in oder to open the product normally in ARCGIS or ENVI?


R1: Yes the radiometric calibration is necessary to extract Sigma naught for GRD products.
R2: I’m able to open the GeoTiff files packaged inside the GRD zip (measurements folder) downloaded from the Sentinel Hub using ArcMap (ENVI should be able to load them as well).

R1: Radiometric calibration is necessary to extract Sigma naught from S1 GRD products.
R2: In order to apply geographic coordinates to the image grid, which are contained in the tie-point grids, you should use the “Reprojection” operator after the radiometric calibration of S1 data. An alternative way is to apply the “Range Doppler Terrain Correction” operator to S1 data, without selecting “Mask out areas without elevation”. The products generated from these operators should be correctly displayed in other software.


Please use the latest S1TBX version which is currently in SNAP 2.0 beta 8.