export from SNAP in geotif and open with best projection in MATLAB

I am working with S1 images on sea ice. After doing other processes, I am using geometric correction=> Ellipsoid correction=> Average_height range doppler.
Using the default projection, I get problem with the geotif extraction as the result is bulky.
If I use biggtiff it is possible to extract the data.
But then I can not read the tif with an appropriate projection in Matlab. I tried to reproject or misaicing the images but still I can not read the geotiff with a suitable projection in Matlab.
Would it be possible to give me a solution?!

Why don’t you stick to the BEAM DIMAP format and directly open the output in Matlab?
The img files inside the .data folder are ENVI rasters. You can import them into Matlab with the corresponding reader: https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/27172-envi-file-reader-writer

Conversion to GeoTiff potentially changes too much of the file structure.

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I do sincerely appellate your fast response. I got header problem with your suggesting method.
I am trying to see if it works?!

Hi @ABraun,
Can I Export the velocity map in Raster format inside MATLAB for using in gis?

I’m not aware of a raster export, sorry.

I do not know exactly which format you are referring to, but Matlab is capable of creating GeoTiff, or even creating Shapefiles.

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What if I would like to open the products from Snap before applying terrain correction, on another application such as arcgis or erdas imagine? have tried exporting a coherence band from Snap in a Geotiff format and it didn’t open on those Softwares with projection info and instead only x, y grid coordinates.