Export from SNAP to QGIS

Hi all,

I am trying to import my supervised classification from SNAP to QGIS. I exported the file in GeoTIFF format in SNAP and opened it in QGIS. But the raster is all red… what are the steps I am missing?

(Also, could you tell me if a KNN classification is pertinent for land use classification (my classes are: crop, grassland, forest, shrubland etct). Of all algorithms, it seems to be giving me the most accurate classification; but I see RF and ML being used more often…)

Thanks in advance,

maybe the color range does not fit to the data distribution? What are the min and max values used in QGIS to display the raster?

That is found in the raster histogram right? If so, then band 1 has min=2.002, max=10.989 and band 2 has min=1, max=1.

band 1 is the one with the classification. As it ranges between 2 and 11 there must be values. Have you made sure that the colors in QGIS cover this range? You can set it to “unique values” instead of a stretched color ramp so that each value gets its own color.

It worked! Thanks a lot :slight_smile: