Export generated Level-2A image

Hi there,
maybe it is only a comprehension question, maybe a technical question - don’t know :wink:
After many tries generating a Level-2A-Product I believe I did it successfully. Now I have a second product in the explorer in the snap-tool with all these single bands, again. When I export the product I get only the OPER product in the dialog to save as e.g. Geotiff. Or I can export each single band from all products. But what I want to have is an raster (e.g. tiff) with all bands. How I can realize this? Or did I have misunderstand the function and the Level-2A-Product? In my naive imagination I download the Level-1C-Product, generate a Level-2A-Procut with the Sen2Cor-PlugIn and then exported a image with all bands. Then I can use it in a GIS for further analyses. Maybe I am wrong?? Can anybody help me and explain?

Thanks in advance!!

try to export as GeoTIFF / BigTIFF this works for me…

Doesn’t work for me… after export as GeoTiff/BigTiff I have 20 bands and a fully grey image :confused: I opened it with ArcGIS. What did I wrong?

i think this could be a “visualization-problem” in ArcGIS. Have you tried changing the Symbology in the Layer Properties (double-klick on Layer)? for example: Stretch Type -> to Percent Clip, Statistics -> to From Current Disply Extent

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aaah, this works a little bit :slight_smile: I have to learn more about using Satellite-data in ArcGIS. :wink: But do you know, why I get 20 bands for the tiff??

And only 1/3 of the image will be displayed with data, the rest is black…Do you know why?

Thanks very lot for your help!!