Export high-qaulity figures from `.dim` files

Hi all, I need to create high-quality maps for publication from .dim files. I tried SNAP and QGIS, but facing some issues, any suggestions?

  1. Save session. When save many .dim files as a “project”/“session”, it cannot reopen like projects in GIS software: my image views are lost, same for layer/mask settings, drawn lines, etc. A previous discussion mentioned this but not solved yet?

  2. then I tried to export .dim files to QGIS for mapping. the obstacles then are:

  • .dim files are usually not directly supported by GIS software. I need to export dim to geotiff in most cases, which add extra work.
  • geotiff and dim handles NaN and data types differently, and I face issues sometimes (or maybe I did not set it correctly)
  • even if able to export geotiff files, the unique dim masks (i.e., directly set mask as expression in property) are not carried in exported tiff files, and much work further in GIS to reproduce similar .dim images with correctly masked areas.
  1. What is the solution with dim file mapping?
    I previously I asked a similar question: whether SNAP will develop more functions in mapping? answer seems a “no”. current basic export functions in SNAP are fine for occasional use, but insufficient for high-quality mapping. Then what would a feasible approach to visualize .dim files? I mean to produce high-quality figures, can revisit and modify map details(colours, extent, map elements, etc)

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I think this is the perfect use case for this tutorial, at least the first two questions: Export of products from SNAP

You don’t need to export BEAM DIMAP data, you can directly open it in QGIS and create nice maps there.
If you have continuous data, I recommend the bilinear resampling for the display of data in QGIS, which gives the rasters a smoother look