Export histogram data to .csv


I created a mask with the geometry-tool and used the histogram-function, which is located under ‘analysis’.
I’m able to get histograms and able to save the picture, but I want the data which is used to created this histogram as a .csv file.
Is there any option to do something like that?
I know the ‘statistics’ tool, but this gives you only the maximum, minimum and mean, etc.
I want to compare the two histograms (with mask and with the whole band) and therefore I need this .csv data.

Thanks a lot.

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You can right-click on the histogram and select “Copy Data to Clipboard”. Then you can paste it into an text file.
It will look like this:

Product name:	MER_RR__1PNBCG20050709_101121_000001802038_00466_17554_0001.N1
Dataset name:	radiance_11

Histogram minimum:	2.5640296936035156	mW/(m^2*sr*nm)
Histogram maximum:	162.25637817382812	mW/(m^2*sr*nm)
Histogram bin size:	0.3118991181254387	mW/(m^2*sr*nm)
Histogram #bins:	512

Bin center value	Bin counts
2.719979252666235	42
3.0318783707916737	135
3.3437774889171124	300
3.655676607042551	304

Thanks. I thought it would be this easy. And I tried it with copy data to clipboard, but it doesn’t work. Whatever.
I tried it a second time and it worked. :slight_smile: