Export in Snap2Stamp " with snap V.9"

Firstly I Usually used Snap2Stamp with SNAP (version 7) and when I run it to do some of processing Sentinel-1 data I’m facing an issue during the export step of snap2stamps.

The export step continue for 5 pairs of interferograms and stopped. I search more and more about this issue and finally, I reinstall the last version of SNAP " version 9" and I try to run export step again it work well but the output folders that created only three folders " diff0 , geo and rslc " but the “dem” folder not created and missing !!!

That is affect on the incoming results ?

Does anyone have an idea about this issue or how to solve it?

Thank you in advance!

did you check if the DEM was included in the .data folder of the created interferograms as produced by coreg_ifg_topsar.py?

I checked all the folders that created after " coreg_ifg_topsar.py" step and make these screen shots for :-
1- The corigstration " coreg_folder "

2- The interferogram " ifg_folder".

As shown above, I can’t understand, why dem folder isn’t created !!!