Export interferograms as separate images

I am attempting to export the wrapped interferograms from StaMPS as image files. Does anyone know how I can do this programatically?

I can plot the IFGs manually using the ps_plot() or ps_plot_ifg() functions, however I would have to manually save each one to a TIFF, and considering I am working with hundreds of IFGs (SBAS) this would take forever.

I can run through all of the IFGs using a loop and save them as .mat files:

for i = 1:ps.n_ifg
movefile('ps_plot_w.mat', dest_path);

However I am still unsure how to convert these plots to TIFF using code. Any help would be appreaciated.

Matlab has a much larger user community and more support professionals than you will find here, so you are likely to get better support from Matlab forums and user support groups. If you are using Matlab via an institutions contract, your institution may have people who act as the first line of support and will refer questions they can’t answer to Matlab support staff.

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