Export monochromatic (1 band) in Snap

When I see results from interferometric processes in Snap (phase, unwrapped phase, displacements…) I can see them with a greyscale (for example), which can be easily correlated with a continuous variable (one value to one value).
However, every time I export my results in Tiff (for example) format, I always obtain a 3-band raster.
Do you know if there is a method to get 1-band exported grid? Or maybe, a logic post-processing to get the same result that Snap shows in its interface? (example, in a GIS).

I thank your help.

Please tell us the steps you used to export your results. It sound as if you are exporting an image view that would have R,G,B bands. Unless your GIS software is very old you may find NetCDF4-CF or BEAM DIMAP formats more useful as they preserve more metadata than GeoTIFFs.

Thanks gnwiii,
I open select my product on the product explorer, and then I apply Export tool from the File menu. Usually, I first open the product in a view tab.

Using Export from the file menu you can select “Subset” and choose bands, otherwise you may get extra bands. Your GeoTIFF might include longitude and latitude bands, or flags, but since GeoTIFF doesn’t give band names, you don’t really know what you are getting. Now that most 3rd party tools support NetCDF4-CF you should avoid GeoTIFF’s.

Thank you very much, I imported NetCDF4-CF data easily with QGIS.

maybe this also helps you: Export of products from SNAP