Export of Elevation data

I am a beginner with the SNAP software and I am very impressed with the functionality of the software.

Recently, I have processed a set of Sentinel 1 data and created elevation through processing.

I tried to export the elevation data in various formats (Geotif/Big Tif, JPEG 2000 etc). The export option creates a 3 band RGB imagery. My intent is to create an elevation grid, which I am not able to.

I am not sure, whether I am missing something here.

Any suggestion is highly appreciated.


In many cases it is not needed to export to a different format, please have a look at these

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I have followed the Stripmap Interferometry Tutorial completely. I have installed the necessary plugin before hand.

I am able to run upto Goldstein filtering without difficulty. In phase unwrapping, I am able to run export without any difficulty. However, I have a problem in running unwrap. The program is executed and at the end it is not giving any message (success/failure). Then I go the next step of import and I get an error message. Specifically, I anot seeing any commands in the following screen. Any help is highly appreciated.


the unwrapping is finished after row 10 column 10. You can chec if it was successful if an img file was created for the unwarapped phase in the export folder.

The files in the export folder are given below:


Could you please confirm?


you can only proceed with the snaphu import if


was created. Apparently, snaphu did not finish the unwrapping. Please run the unwrapping again and wait for the message that it has completed.

Thank you.

I just finished the export and want to make sure that the process is completed correctly. Here are the files created after export. Could you please confirm, that this step is completed successfully?

Thank you for your help in guidig me.

no, this one is missing

As you see, all others consist of a pair of img and hdr with the same name. The UnwPhase is only available once, because the unwrapping did not finish successfully.

I recommend to use only HH polarization as early as possible. Having HV included does not bring any benefit and makes your processing slower and prone to errors.

Does it mean my export option is incomplete? The program gave a succesful message.

Also, where I should set the HH option only?

first you run the export (good so far)
then you run the unwrapping (not good, because the img was not created)
then you can run the import of the unwrapped phase

I am running unwrap for the last 5 hours and that there is no progress tool bar. I am not sure whether program is still running. Any idea how many minutes it will take for unwrap to run.

I will allow the program to run for some more time.

but did you get a messge that the unwrapping has started?

Please also consider changing USERPROFILE as suggested in the tutorial:

If nothing helps, I recommend using snaphu from the command line. Snaphu-unwarping path error

The above did not work. I will try the command line option.


I itred the command line option and it has worked.

Here is the screenshot. However the import is runnuing. Not sure what is the problem.

The unwrapping has completed, good. But as I suggested, please only use HH polarization, at best by selecting it during TOPS Split

Is the TOPS split to be run after the subset creation or after the Apply Orbital?

I think the steps should be
Tops Split
Apply Orbital
Could you please confirm?

I believe at the time of raster subset, I need to use the HH only in the following screen. Please confirm.


No subset needed, simply select HH during TOPS Split and then apply orbit file followed by BackGeocoding.

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I am in the US East time zone.

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