Export OLCI Sentinel-3 RGB bands

Hi all,

is possible to export OLCI RGB bands from SNAP.



You mean as RGB image, as png or jpeg? Yes you can do this.
Create the RGB image and then right click one the view and select Export View as Image. Select the format you like at the bottom.

Hi Marco,

I woud like to export RGB image in GeoTIFF format.

Thanks for your support, NF

GeoTiff is also in the list of file formats you can choose from.

If I open the .tiff file that I have created it is not georeferenced.
I have also exported the product in different format (File>Export) so that I can open a single band in a GIS sw and after create band composition but I don’t have geodata associated to each band.


Maybe you accidentally selected Tiff instead of GeoTiff?
When I do what is shown in the image I get a geo-referenced image in QGIS or PCI Geomatics.

Just to be sure, is your OLCI file referenced in SNAP?

Thanks Marco, it’s ok!

I was trying to create a geotiff raster that contains the values of “otci”, i.e. a single Geotiff that contains the values of ““otci.nc”:OTCI”. I tried using reproject for the product but it gives me a GeoTiff with a lot of bands considering the entire product.

I am interested in a GeoTiff containing values for that selected band only. How can i proceed with that?

Hi Raaj,

When exporting the image you can choose to subset the bands in the exported product. You can then just export the bands which you are interested in.

File -> Export -> Geotiff -> subset -> band subset

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Thank you. That helped. I also wanted to re-project it. I guess prior to this operation i would have to then perform re-projection and create another product?
I feel it would have been great if there was an option of re-projection in the sub-setting operation.