Export pixel values for images opened with snap

Is it possible to export the pixel values ​​of an image opened with snap to an excel or txt file?

I want to save all pixel values, not just a few.

Yes, this is possible.
You can select from the menu File / Export /CSV.

For more information, you can read in the help about it:

Maybe this tutorial also helps you: Export of products from SNAP

@Abraun. Are you sure this is the right tutorial. I don’t see a section about such export in the document.

@bakeho I now see that you only want to export the data of one image.
In this case it is better to create a mask which includes the whole data. (expression: true) and then right-click on the image and select Export Mask Pixels. Then select the newly created mask from the drop-down menu. It is also possible to create a subset before doing the export, then you can select which bands you want to include.

you’re absolutely right, thank you. I changed the link.

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Thank you for your reply.
I’ll try.

Regarding the creation of mask data, is it possible to create a mask by specifying latitude and longitude?

I want to create a simple square mask data.

Yes, this is possible.
You can use the LAT and LON variable in the expressions.

LAT > 56 && LAT < 57 && LON > 162.5 && LON < 164


Am I working in this window?

I set the latitude and longitude, but the mask data did not change.

no this is not the correct window. Use the Mask Manager.
You find it on the right. There you can create a new mask by expression.
Use the expression I showed previously but with your coordinates.
You find some information in the help:

There is also a video tutorial which shows how to work with masks:

You can find more video tutorials on the tutorial page.

Thank you.
I will refer to the video.