Export raster from SNAP to QGIS/ArcGIS

Hi everbody,

I just calculated LST data from Sentinel 3 images. Now I want to export the raster to QGIS/ArcGIS to combine the data with insitu ground data points. Two problems occur. First, I can’t align the point shape with my raster (which I exported as GeoTIFF) and secondly, the raster values also changed! I’ve seen in previous conversations, that one could apply an offset/ scale factor, but it didn’t work. Would be really nice if one could help me!

Thanks in advance!

To get a better alignment with you points you might need to enable the pixel-based geo-coding.

How have you computed the LST? And how have the values changed?

You can also do the pixel value extraction within SNAP. Have look at Raster / Export / Extract Pixel Values in the menu.