Export Sentinel 2 images to BEAM-DIMAP

I started using the Java SNAP core in order to write some basic functionalities that can be done in SNAP manually. From what I saw until now, in order to get data about a certain product I need to have it in a BEAM-DIMAP format (a .dim file and a .data directory). I haven’t yet figure out a method to do the conversion between the data from scihub.copernicus.eu to BEAM-DIMAP using the snap core library.
Can somebody please give me a hand with this?
Thank you!

File, Import, Optical Sensors, Sentinel-2 and then the respective format.
Beam-Dimap is the internally handled file format. see more details here: http://www.brockmann-consult.de/beam/doc/help/general/BeamDimapFormat.html