Export tiff file issuses

Hello again.
I can’t export *dim files to *tiff. I’m using sub-setting S2 images.
When I try to open the tiff file I received the following message.

Thanks in advanced

How did you subset the image?

Did you open the subset image before to export it?

have you tried to open the tif file in another software, such as QGIS, to see if it was exported correctly in the first place?

Yes I tried to open in QGIS v. 3.8.0 but with non results.
I think it’s better to reinstall the SNAP v.6.0.

Can you post what is written in the dialogue when you click on ‘Show Details’.
Or even better, can you attach the log filewhich is mentioned in the error message, please?
You can find it by selecting from the menu Help / Show Log Directory. Make sure to reproduce the error first and then attach the messages.log file.

I delete and reinstall SNAP v.7 from the beginning. Now the tiff export it works fine.
The only issue is that it takes about 40 seconds to open a small file (subset.dim about 40 MB file size) but this a minor problem.
Thanks for your time.

I also experienced that TIF files generally take longer to display. Maybe as a consequence of file structure and compression.

It’s not only tif files I experienced long time open most of the files, I mentioned this in the following topic,

Source of the topic

Dear all ,
I had a question:
When I export S2 data in tiff format into SNAP, it takes a long time, isn’t there a way to do this sooner?
Best all

In many cases exporting to GeoTiff can entirely be avoided. Please have a look at this tutorial: Export of products from SNAP

Deal all,
for /D /R %sourceDirectory% %%F in (S2*.SAFE) do
For when the S2 data is zipped.
for /R %sourceDirectory% %%F in (S2*.SAFE) do
And when S2 data is decompressed, it is as follows
is it true?