After finished classification, I export as ENVI format as step below:

  1. File > Export > ENVI

The problem is me. I dont know how to open in ENVI (as classification).
So could anyone please teach me how to open in ENVI. because I want to do accuracy assessment in ENVI.

Thank lots

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I have just found something and it should be the answer:

if you have any better solution please help me.

Thank you very much

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I think you can skip the export step and directly open the image data in the *.data folder. It consists of an image file (img) and its corresponding metadata (hdr).

In case your classification was not written correctly, you can open the hdr file in any text editor and change

file type = ENVI standard
file type = envi classification

and add the following lines

classes = 4
class names =  { class1, class2, class3, class4 }
class lookup =  { 0,0,0, 100,100,100, 105,105,105, 255,255,255 }
band names = classification

The first defines the number of classes, the second their names, the third their color (RGB) and the fourth how the raster is named in the legend. You can change the entries after the = to anything you want.


Thank you very much Bro! It works :slight_smile: