Export to KMZ: only half the image showing in Google Earth

I did the RUS training CRYO02 (https://rus-copernicus.eu/portal/wp-content/uploads/library/education/training/CRYO02_GlacierVelocity_Greenland.pdf) with
S1A_IW_GRDH_1SDH_20170909T113539_20170909T113604_018298_01EC67_A5EC.zip and
S1A_IW_GRDH_1SDH_20170921T113539_20170921T113604_018473_01F1C7_1CE3.zip ,
orbit file -> thermal noise removal -> calibration -> coregistration -> subset -> offset tracking -> stack velocity+Sigma0 bands -> terrain correction -> velocity band visualized on top of the Sigma0 and then exported KMZ.
In SNAP, everything seems to be OK but when I open the KMZ file in Google Earth, only about half the image is shown. (Tried twice, with the same result.)
What should I do to get the complete image?

So the final result looks correct in SNAP?
KMZ export has limitations regarding buffer and data size. You can try to zoom in a bit and first extract a smaller region as a test to see if this works and then progressively increase the exported area.

Yes, the final result looked correct in SNAP.

You’re right, the data size is probably the reason. Zooming in and exporting only that part worked well. So what I’ve done to visualize the whole area, was making a subset: after some trials, I’ve finally used step x = 8 and step y = 2 (and leaving out the Sigma0 band with the older date but this has probably no influence on the size of the resulting KMZ because it is not visible anyway, keeping only the Sigma0 band with the newer date with velocity overlay), which gave the resulting image 16106 x 8913 (large enough ;)) and I’ve exported the KMZ for the subset and that one works well in Google Earth. Happy with that :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for your help!

glad to hear that you found a solution.