Export View as Image in SNAP corrupts some part of the image

I am using SNAP to process some SAR imagery. I use to crop the full image to some size, apply some transformation on the image and then take some snapshots using Export View as Image.

The problem I am facing is that occasionally some part of the images being saved are not appearing. This results in images having a rectangle with a solid color that does not contain useful information.

My question is why is this happening and do I deal with it? I have opened a good amount of SAR images and I am not sure it’s just a windows (I am using windows 7) memory issue or a SNAP issue. It seems persistent in the sense that even if I zoom in to an image in order to force it to appear in the screen and then zoom out I am not getting the correct image.

Mmh hard to suggest something. The problem can have several sources. As you already suggested often this is an memory issue. It can also be a problem in your processing chain, but then usually different errors occur.
Some things which might help:

  • When exporting the image, chose ‘Full resolution’.
  • Save the processing results to disk and open them again. Then do the image export.
  • Create a subset which contains only the band you want and then use File / Export / GeoTIFF from the menu.

After some work with SNAP I concluded that the solution to the problem is to use “Full resolution” as @marpet suggested and then rescale to the actual size I wanted. It’s an extra step but it works.

P.S. I rewrite it here just to make sure that someone will isolate this solution as @marpet mentioned more possible solutions.

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