Exportation in Geo-Tiff creates bad georeferencing

Hello everyone,

I have a software that only work with geo-tiff images. I’m trying to work with S1 images by exporting them from .SAFE format to Geo-tiff. I follow the following stages ( noting that I work on the Arctic region).

1/ Application of Range doppler terrain correction (DEM : ASTER, Map projection : polar stereographic, bilinear_interpolation) (save in BEAM-DIMAP)
2/ Conversion to 8uint (BEAM-DIMAP)
3/ Exportation to Geo-tiff

I safely check that with each steps the geo-referencement of the image is properly kept on the SNAP wordview tool. It seems (on the bellow image) that everything is done properly until the last exportation in geo-tiff for which the correct projection is lost.
The next image displays the 3 images at each step of the processing (correctly projected) and the same image read with my software wrongly projected (red square).

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks a lot

I’ve tried it with an OLCI product over Greenland. I’ve observed the same for the lat/lon coordinates PCI Geomatic and QGIS.
But the PS map coordinates (in meter) are correct. It seems georeferencing is partly correct and partly wrong.
You can see this in the screenshot

I consider this as bug and created an issue for this.
Thanks for the report


Are there any advances, updates on the bug?

Thanks a lot,

No, there is no progress yet.