Exported GeoTiff degrades bit resolution


I followed the instructions in Exporting RGB image as a Geotiff to export L2A .jp2 files in Geotiff files, however I noticed when opening in Qgis that the DN values are 8 bit unsigned integers while as I understood the L2A data is in 12 bits (correct?).

I wanted to ask if anyone has encountered this problem and how could I solve it? Otherwise do you have other suggestions on how to obtain correctly georeferenced Geotiffs?

Thanks in advance

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Any suggestion on how to get correctly georeferenced L2A products in 12 bit Geotiff?

Thanks again

Dear stpu,

The issue reported in your post is due to the ‘Export View as Image’, in fact selecting this option the generated GeoTIFF will have 8bit unsigned integer.

If you want to convert S2 data in GeoTIFF without loosing info you should export the product as follow:
-1) Select the S2 product in the ‘Product Explorer window’
-2) File --> Export --> GeoTIFF / BigTIFF

The ‘Export Product’ window will appear, now you can decide the output name and location and, if you intend to resize the S2 product (spatial/spectral) you can click on the ‘subset’ button upper right.


Dear Fabrizio,

Thank you very much for your help, it now worked as expected. However, at this point I am exporting a file with 17 bands. do you know what these correspond to?

Thanks again