Exporting Files out of SNAP correctly for ArcMap


Hi ABraun,

I want to open the img files in the data folder directly into ArcMAP, but it seems strange (the right one).
I have applied “Range Doppler Terrain Correction” after DInSAR and filtering step, projected to WGS84 with lat. and lon…

And I also tried to export the KMZ file for google earth, but it only appeared a part of my result.

Please help me to deal with these problems. Thank you very much!


as indicated in the legend, ArcMap didn’t read the minimum and maximum values of your raster correctly. Therefore it is displayed grey. Change the style accordingly so the data is scaled between -3.14 and +3.14.


Thank you! I got it!

And is it possible to set the zero value as null in SNAP? or I need to process it in ArcGIS? Thank you.


you can define a NoData value in ArcMap directly.


Thank you! It is much efficiently than apply ‘raster calculator’ in ArcGIS.