Exporting Sentinel 1 and sentinel 2 image to ERDAS, ENVI , MATLB

How to export sentinel-1 and sentinel -2 image to ERDAS 2014, ENVI 4.7 and MATLAB after preprocessing from SNAP/SEN2COR ?
Kindly anyone give details to do so or any tutorial related with.

Thanks in advance

In SNAP the default format is BEAM-DIMAP, which is an specific format in SNAP that support all the SNAP features (it can save the metadata, the vector, the bands, the tie-point grids…). This format is not supported by those applications. But you can export to another generic format (File->Export) or you could also select another saving format in the last step of your preprocessing. But please, note that not all the formats supports all the features so it is possible to lose some of the information (probably the metadata, vectors, tie-point grids…)

Assume you have applied Orbit file and Sentinel TOPS split to S1 SLC images, the default output will be in BEAM-DIMAP format, How could you export those products and into which format for them to be read and further processed by Erdas Imagine ?

Before you export SLC products you have to apply TOPS Deburst.

Please have a look at this tutorial: Export of products from SNAP