Exporting single bands in JPEG2000 format with gpt/graph file

Hi. I want to export single bands from Sentinel2 in jp2/JPEG2000 format with a graph file, using gpt. I know how to do it and I have attached the graph file to this post. First I resample, then I use either the bandselect or subset operator to extract the single band, and then I export the filetype that I choose.


  1. When I choose the file format as .jp2, the processing is fast, but produces empty files (0kb)
  2. When I choose the file format as JPEG2000, it produces the correct files, but it takes forever to load - in almost 24 hours it finished processing only half of the bands from one single Sentinel2 product.

When I do the same process manually, it’s very fast and I get the correct files. However, as there is large amount of files that I want to process, I can’t do it manually.

What causes this behaviour in the graph file??

resample.xml (1.8 KB)