Exporting to KMZ. Colorbar is flipped in Google Earth

I am exporting an InSAR displacement map to KMZ but the colorbar is flipped. The values and colors are correct but me and my client found it a bit confusing that the maximum values were at the bottom and the minimum values were at the top. Is there a way to change the orientation?

Here is the output in Google Earth

And here is the color settings in SNAP

I’m afraid this is fixed.
What happens when you enter 0.05 as Min and -0.05 as Max in the Color Manipulation?

I get an error from SNAP when trying to set 0.05 as min and -0.05 as max:

ERROR! Colour Manipulation: Max must be greater than Min. Resetting value.

damn, worth a try…

Indeed, it is not possible to configure the legend like this.
I’Ve created a ticket for this: [SNAP-3461] Allow configuration of colour legend in KMZ export - JIRA (atlassian.net)