Exporting "view_zenith" and "view_azimuth"


I would like to export the “view_zenith” and “view_azimuth” bands for B08 from a Sentinel-2b image. I’m new to SNAP, and it’s a little confusing at the beginning.

I import the file, and can see all the different bands. I understand I need to resample the view and zenith files, but when I go to the S2 Resampling tool, I don’t seem to have any option to select the view and zenith bands so I can upsample them?..

… all I can do is select the file “MTD_MSIL1C.xml” in the I/O Parameters tab, which seems to select the entire SAFE file with all bands. Because I want the “view” files resampled to the same resolution as band 08, I need to massively upsample them. So I only want to do this for the relevant view bands (“view_zenith_B8” and “view_azimuth_B8”), rather then upsample everything in the entire SAFE directory. When I try to do that, SNAP 6.0 crashes (everything is up to date).

Is this the correct workflow?.. i.e. I need to upsample everything to 10 m, and then export the relevant band? (this seems very inefficient, so I’m sure this can’t be right)

Any thoughts most welcome!

The trick is not to store the resampled product to disk immediately. If not stored to disk it is not computed yet. Now you can create a subset which only contains the view angle bands. Only these two bands will be resampled and saved to disk.