Extract image without black blank space // or as ratated image

Hello All,
I’m trying to extract PNG image file from tiff & KOMPSAT5, and making pair sets.

When I convert date to PNG image, there are black blank space, and image is rotated as coordination.

Is there any way to extract image file without blank space?
or Is there any way as non-rotated image?

Havey ou terrain corrected the image? Maybe it was acquired in descending orbit.

As I understand, KOMPSAT5 which I have is already do pre-processing including terrain correction.

depends on the product level. Please check here (chapter 2) and confirm.
Can you please post a screenshot of your png image?

It was GTC product. so I think pre-processing is not required for this.
(optical image from KOMPSAT 3A)

have you tried to collocate both products with the SAR image as master? You can then extract a common area from the stack.

Did you mean this?
I put SAR (.h5) product as master.
and added optical product(
.tif ) as slaves.

but there is an error when I try to run this.

have you converted the data to GeoTiff or is this the initial format? SNAP seems to have problems with it.