Is it possible to use extract Pixel values but instead of writing them in txt store them in a variable e.g. list, array in python? My point is that i have multiple products and relevant coordinates (in some products i have two or more coordinates to extract) but i do not want to create many txt/.

take a look
this may help
def product2array(src_product, band_names=[] ):
width = src_product.getSceneRasterWidth()
height = src_product.getSceneRasterHeight()
name = src_product.getName()
desc = src_product.getDescription()
if not band_names:
band_names = src_product.getBandNames()
# band_names = [b for b in band_names if “Sigma” in b]
print(‘We are in product2array extracting this {} \n from this {}’. format(band_names,name ))
print('product2array width:{} height:{} name:{} /n desc:{} /n band_names: {} '.format(width, height, name, desc, band_names))

‘’’ creating empty aprray ‘’’
filename = path.join(mkdtemp(), ‘dataStorageFile.dat’)
# Create a memmap with dtype and shape that matches our data:
data = np.memmap(filename, shape=(height, width, len(band_names)), dtype=np.float32, mode=‘w+’)
tempname = path.join(mkdtemp(), ‘tempStorageFile.dat’)
temp = np.memmap(tempname, shape=(height, width), dtype=np.float32, mode=‘w+’)
for b in range(len(band_names)):
# print(‘reading band:’, band_name)
print(’ reading: ', band_names[b])
band = src_product.getBand(band_names[b])
band.readPixels(0, 0, width, height, temp)
data[:, :, b] = temp
return data

You can use the PixEx operator, it writes to a text file. But you can easily read it in again.
Another option is you do the extraction your self. You can iterate over all bands of a product and get the value at the specific location. To convert your geo-location into a pixel location and read the value you can do:

gc = product.getSceneGeoCoding()
pixelPos = gc.getPixelPos(GeoPos(lat, lon), None)
value = band.getPixelDouble(pixel.Pos.x, pixelPos.y)

This is roughly what you need to do.

Trying to adopt your code

gc = product.getSceneGeoCoding()
pixelPos = gc.getPixelPos(GeoPos(40.36734009, 10.64342976), None)
band = product.getBand(‘CHL_OC4ME’)
value = band.getPixelDouble(pixelPos.x, pixelPos.y)
print value

but i get the following error File “E:/seo_dwarf/chl_scripts/extract_multiple_products1.py”, line 93, in
value = band.getPixelDouble(pixelPos.x, pixelPos.y)
RuntimeError: no matching Java method overloads found

Any ideas?

The variables pixelPos.x and pixelPos.yare floating point. And getPixelDouble() expects integers.
The values need to be cast to integer. This should do the trick.

value = band.getPixelDouble(int(pixelPos.x), int(pixelPos.y))

Thanks for your answers but now i get this error

value = band.getPixelDouble(int(pixelPos.x), int(pixelPos.y))
RuntimeError: java.lang.NullPointerException

Any ideas?

Oh, yes. My mistake. The getPixelDouble method expects that the data is already loaded.

Either do


before calling getPixelDouble (once per band is sufficient) or

data = array.array('d', [0]) 
# or with numpy
# import numpy as np
# data =np.zeros(1)
readPixels(int(pixelPos.x), int(pixelPos.y), 1, 1, data)

Is there any possibility to use the float and not convert the coordinates to integers?

no, and it makes no difference.
You will get the same pixel value either if you use

x = 34.567
y = 123.456

x = 34
y = 123

Did what you said but i get the following error

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “<pyshell#3>”, line 1, in
value = band.getPixelDouble(int(pixelPos.x), int(pixelPos.y))
RuntimeError: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 6027866

Any ideas?

Is the pixel not anymore in the bounds of the image?

catch the exception and check at which x,y coordinate this happens. Check also the image bounds. Similar to this.

    value = band.getPixelDouble(int(pixelPos.x), int(pixelPos.y))
except RuntimeError:
    print "x-coord:", int(pixelPos.x)
    print "y-coord:", int(pixelPos.y)
    print "band width:", band.getRasterWidth()
    print "band height:", band.getRasterHeight()