Extract interferogram file information created with colored Geotiff

Possible to export a Geotiff file as monochrome but no way is provided to access colored image file with Geodata shown by SNAP window.

There is a way to access <.dim> file by SNAP API although the data accessed by Python has only 1 band (monochrome).

How can I get image file with 3 band(RGB) from related files to ‘Phase_ifig_vv…’ interferogram.

I want to show the above image on the map of QGIS.

The colors created in SNAP do not have a meaning. You can re-assign them again in QGIS: Export of products from SNAP

I create JPEG previews for phase imagery. Maybe you can also use it for GeoTIFFs. Here is my workflow:

In my case I already have the phase as a GeoTIFF file.

Create a text file for the phase color map containing these values. In this example it will be called colormap.txt:

-2.94 110 60 170
-2.11 210 60 160
-1.27 255 110 70
-0.43 200 200 50
0.41 80 245 100
1.25 25 200 180
2.09 60 130 220
2.93 100 70 190

Then type the command:

gdaldem color-relief phase.tif colormap.txt output.jpg
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Thank you for the comment.

Although the color value is valuable information to show whether each location is getting closer or going away from the satellite based on the continuous change of color from the surrounding locations. It is used to know the impact of the earth quake for example.

currently only mapped image to the google earth by kmz is available.

Anyway the indicated information is useful, thanks again.

Thank you for the information.

I will try to follow what you wrote.

Meanwhile could you show me how you can get the color map information.

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Thank you.

I made a success with your information.

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