Extract Pixel from C2RCC

Dear SNAP community,

I’m currently using SNAP version 8.0 and I have processed S2 images in C2RCC to obtain RRS values. Then, I tried to extract the pixels values at certain coordinates, but it takes longer to finish. I resampled the image to 10-m. I also tried with another laptop also but the same problem occurred. Does anyone have the same problem with me? Or can someone help me to figure the problems?

Thank you.

Usually, the extraction is not slow. But is see that you use a big window size. This is not quite common and might slow down the process.
Your C2RCC products might have ~30 bands and writing the 600² pixels for each band to an ASCII file might take some time. How many coordinates do you use for the extraction? So, it might be reasonable that it takes some time.

I only extract 601x601 for one coordinate. I also extract the same size window for OLI but it only take a few minutes. The problem only occurred when I extracted pixels from S2.

Mmmh, okay. :thinking:
Then I don’t know. How long takes the extraction of the S2 data?

Why don’t you do a subset and then export in CSV?

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