Extract pixel values problem

Hi, I´m using S2 images for a study about the correlation between aboveground biomass and forest spectral characteristics. I need to export the pixel values ​​for my sampling points in the field for all bands (3x3 pixel window), but when using the tool “export pixel values” this does not create the .txt files, but it does show a window saying " The pixel extraction tool has run succesfully and written the results files to … ¨

Can anyone help me with this problem, please?

Please check with an RGB if your subset contains correct bands.

Hi, and thank you for your help.
My subset has all 12 bands, but I don’t know if you meant that.
It’s funny, because when I select the option “Enable export sub-scenes”, it creates a folder called “sub-scenes” that is empty.

yes, this is what I meant because sometimes SNAP fails to save Sentinel-2 subsets (at least in my case). That means the problem occurs in the Pixel Extraction tool. I am not experienced with it, but maybe someone other can comment.

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