Extract Sentinel-5P footprints in Python

I am trying to extract the footprint of a L2__NO2___ product using Python however I can only seem to extract the coordinates as a string. Is there a way I can extract GML coordinates or a WKT. I want to be able to form a valid (multi)polygon or PostGIS geometry from the coordinates.

I have been following this guide: https://www.catalysts.cc/en/tech-blog/handling-sentinel-5p-footprints/

But the coordinates are still just a string of numbers and not represented in any standard geometry form.

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is there any update on this issue? Where in the metadata of the S5p L2 NO2 product can the footprint coordinates be extracted (in python)?


As far as Iā€™m aware, there has not been a solution. I am currently reading in the coordinates using the Content Geometry Tage on the product metadata available through the API (e.g. https://s5phub.copernicus.eu/dhus/odata/v1/Products(ā€˜6631bcfd-918f-4221-9d42-8f74df283ee9ā€™) but it is annoying that it is not stored within the product itself

Sentinel-5P support is not included in SNAP, there is a dedicated Atmospheric Toolbox that manages S5P and similar types of data.

The toolbox also has a dedicated forum.. Someone already asked this same question there.

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