Extract sigma0 to numpy


I need help. I do some preprocessing on a GRDH image using SNAP desktop. I want to apply my own speckle denoising solution, I have a script in python to do that (on images as numpy array).
My question is, how can I export a sigma0 VV and VH to a numpy array from SNAP desktop? I tried few things (as geotiffs), but couldn’t make it work, I’m probably missing something basic, but cannot figure it out.

Thank you!

You can directly read the img file of the BEAM DIMAP format in python using rasterio: Reading Datasets — rasterio documentation
No need to export the data beforehand. Please also see here: https://senbox.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SNAP/pages/1898053693/SNAP+FAQs#I-want-to-use-a-product-processed-in-SNAP-in-another-software