Extract specific IW from Sentinel-1 SLC data

Hi, everyone. I am working on Sentinel-1 SLC data. My study area is in the IW1 area. Can I extract just IW1 and process it without any problem? ّfor example, if I calibrate IW1 and want to decompose it, it will be OK?

Of course it is possible please find the solution here https://sentinel.esa.int/web/sentinel/toolboxes/sentinel-1/tutorials

you can do this with the Split module:
Radar > Sentinel-1 TOPS > S-1 TOPS Split
Here you can choose the Subswath IW1, IW2 or IW3

@falahfakhri: You are principally right. Your answer would be however more helpful if you pointed at the PDF where the step is explained. The Split module is not explained in any of the referred PDFs.

The split model is well-explained within the pdf I sent to you take a look at this one page 8 :slight_smile:


you are right, I am sorry.

Hi Saeed. Are u making interferogram?

Hi Marjan. For project that i’m working now, no i’m not making interferogram.But as you know, the sentinel-1 data processing is very time consuming and since i have a computer with 4G RAM, It can be very useful for me that i use just some part of data.

Thanks falahfakhri and ABraun

good point. If you want to analyze multiple images (time-series for example) and need to coregister the images anyway there is a Coregistration module where you can select the subswath and the bursts of both images in order to save computing capacity.
Radar > Coregistration > S1 TOPS Coregistration > S1 TOPS Coregistration

Thank you. I am using that but I got an error. I should have a graph builder here as you can see in ´TOPS Interferometry Tutorial´ , page 8, TOPS Coregistration consists of a graph that reads two products but I do not have it. I do not know why?
You can see a red error in the end of my picture.
My data are:

it is good that you made a new topic, so I wrote the answer there:

Thank you. My study area is above 60 Northern. You are right but I do not know why I can not see this graph (I cut it from the ´TOPS Interferometry Tutorial´ , page 8 ) builder when I am using this :
Radar > Coregistration > S1 TOPS Coregistration > S1 TOPS Coregistration