Extract statistics for a polygone in a Sentinel-1 image stack

I’m looking for an efficient way to extract the statistics in a polygone region in a stack of co-registered Sentinel-1 (and later also Sentinel-2 ) images.
(other than opening each band in the stack separetely and claculating the stats individually per band).

There ist the Statistics operator which you can use from the command line.
Unfortunately the documentation is very sparse.
gpt StatisticsOp -h
To get the help for.
If you need more information, just ask again.

Hi marpet,

I typed it in the command line and got this:

Error occurred during initialization of VM
java/lang/ClassNotFoundException: error in opening JAR file c:\program files\snap\jre\lib\rt.jar

Sounds like a very fundamental problem. Maybe the installation didn’t complete successfully.
Sounds like the JRE is not properly installed or have you moved the SNAP installation directory?

Hi Marpet,
I have the same problem. My installation is ok (except the GDAL problem). The file SNAP needs, is exists where it supposed to be

This error should then happen for any call to one of the executables.
Do you get also if you simple call

gpt -h


pconvert -h

Have you changed the snap.conf file in the etc directory?
Maybe the jdkhome variable is not properly set anymore. It should be


Thanks for the answer, Marpet.
I had checked the both executables and they both returned the same mistake for me.
I’ve checked my Snap.conf file and that variable there is the same you’ve written.

The issue might be caused by McAffee. Again. It probably will take some days for check it.


Can’t you turn it off for a moment and try again.

@offerr What about you? Do you use McAfee too?

Sorry, but I can’t . Our IT-department gyus are very stubborn.
Offerr, uses McAfee too.

The executables work now. An issue was caused by McAffee.