Extract the area of a polygon

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create a polygon on SNAP and the find out the area. I can make the polygons but when I click raster> Mask> Mask area the program gives me the whole area of the subset. How can I solve this problem and find out the area?
Thank you to anyone who will answer!


After you have selected Mask area you need to select a mask and this is actually used to compute mask data.
And then the information is displayed:

1123640 pixels are considered, but my scene has 19.902.715 pixels.
So it worked for me.

Can you give some more details about you use case and why you think the wohle is used?

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Thank you so much for the explanation. I managed to find out the area thanks to your answer!

I am using OLCI S3 data to study SPM and Chl-a in the Baltic Sea, so I needed to measure the area of dispersion of particles.