Extraction of Ground Deformation from Unwrapped Interferogram

Greetings. I already have unwrapped phase interferogram in the three sub swaths of sentinel 1 SLC product. I wish to extract displacement information from it but don’t really know how to go about it. I used Alaska Satellite Facility cloud conputing platform with Amazon for interferogram generation and phase unwrapping. Any guide on this is highly appreciated please. What I have as products right now are:
The files are as follows: F? - swath designator, F1, F2, or F3
amp - amplitude image
corr - coherence map color_phase - wrapped phase file
unw_phase - unwrapped phase file*

If you haven’t processed the data in SNAP the tools won’t recognize the metadata correctly.

If you have all information you can manually calculate the displacement from the unwrapped interferogram based on this formula: Subsidence map in 3d view

I have sent an email containing the product to you. Kindly go through it and guide me on what exactly to do because even manual editing was not possible on it when i tried. It kept throwing one error or the other.

this is a public forum. If you have questions on specific points or struggle at a certain point, feel free to ask. But please understand that I cannot give private lectures from a to z.

I understand this pretty well. Will work on trying to be specific about it.