Fail in test connection

I’ve just installed snap 8.0 on Windows 10 and I’m having trobule in connection to Sentinel Data Hub (after some time trying to connect shows a Error message: “Failed to retrieve the product list from Scientific Data Hub”).

My account (user and password) is ok and I have no proxy (home connetion).
If I test connection in Tools–>Options–>WWW->Test connection, it fails.
Nevertheles, I can connect to the Internet with chrome and other aplications.
In snap, I get a right response in plugins → check for updates, wich means that snap can connect to the Internet.
When I zoom in and out in the box showing the Area of Interest, it only actulizes partially the globe and after long time.
Any clue?

Maybe your firewall prevents SNAP from accessing the internet. Please make sure that port 443 is open in your firewall settings. How to Open a Port on Windows Firewall
Windows and Mac: How to open ports in your firewall

Thank you for your quick response. I’ve opened 443 port (inbound and outbound; TCP and UDP, for all), but I get the same fail message.
What type of access snap needs to work properly?
Could the firewall prevent such snap access in other way?

Actual only HTTP(S) is used.
That also the test connection in the Options fails is strange.

You could try the following:
Open the file snap.conf in an editor. It is located in the etc folder of the installation directory. Add to the default_options parameter
This can also be set to the gpt.vmoptions file as